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The Green Zone Facility 

The purpose of O'Mara's Restaurant and Green Zone Facility is to improve the total health of people through clean nutritionally dense, delicious food & beverage. Plus events that are in alignment with the "Blue Zone" research into well being.  We don't live in a Blue Zone yet but let's take a small step in that direction and cook up an event guided by the principles outlined below! 

Move Naturally

The world's longest lived people talk with friends... tend earth, clean their homes, play with children... dance ... bend as a normal by-product of their day.


Are you connected to your purpose(s)? 

What Hill are you willing to die on?

Loved Ones First

This can mean keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby or in your home. Investing time and love with your inner circle as a primary priority. 

Wine @ 5

Who is going to say no to this? Moderate drinkers outlive the non-drinkers. The trick is to  have 1-2 glasses per day with friends of well made food & wine.

Plant Slant

Clean Veggies & Beans are the cornerstone of centenarian diets with pork as the primary meat, which is eaten only 5 times a month.


Belonging to some faith based community. Denomination of your choice!

80% Rule

This Confucian mantra is said before meals to remind us to stop eating when our stomachs are 80% full. 

Down Shift

Take it down a notch. Take time to sense ease and peace. Breath deep and slow.

Right Tribe

Framingham studies have shown that smoking, obesity, happiness and even loneliness are contagious.  Do you have a social network? Does it support healthy behaviors?

Resources to the Right Tribe


Kevin O'Mara

Let's plan an event, seminar, retreat that helps you to help us all!
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